Why Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners?

Individuals seeking to join a thoroughbred horse racing partnership have plenty of options when it comes to determining which company to go with. Each company who specializes in forming racing partnerships brings to the table a certain set of skills and strengths. Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners combines the strengths of the upper echelon partnerships under one, unified roof.

Why Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners

The following traits and characteristics of the company as a whole and the Team of individuals who comprise ETP are what distinguish ETP from the other partnership options available to aspiring horse owners:


  • Aron Wellman, the President of ETP, has been involved in the thoroughbred horse racing industry his entire life. He knows the backside of a racetrack just as well as the frontside and he knows the anatomy of a horse just as well as he knows the economic model the game offers. At the age of 33, Wellman combines the behind-the-scenes hands-on knowledge of the horses themselves with his business acumen to give ETP partners the best chance of success on the racetrack.


  • With nearly a decade of forming racing partnerships under his belt, Aron Wellman is a proven winner in the world of thoroughbred horse racing. While there are a myriad of reasons people choose to join an Eclipse partnership, the key factor is that they know Wellman is capable of getting them into the winners’ circle at the world’s most premiere racetracks in the world’s most prestigious and lucrative races, year in and year out.


  • ETP always puts the best interest of the equine athletes who comprise their stable at the forefront of any partnership-related decision. Each ETP stable member is treated as an individual and receives world-class attention in every respect. Never will the well being of a horse be compromised under any circumstance. Each horse will be managed with the intent of maximizing it’s full potential and productivity with it’s health and safety at all times being a primary consideration. Well-balanced athlete management and top notch care from trainers to vets to blacksmiths is the standard for any ETP equine athlete.


  • At the very core of all that ETP and it’s Team stands for is honesty and integrity. The thoroughbred horse racing industry has for too long maintained the deserved stigma of being laced with fraudulent activity. Whether it is the use of illegal performance enhancing medication or a back-handed acquisition deal that takes place in a tack room, ETP steers clear of any “funny business” and shoots straight with it’s partners every step of the way. Transparency and clear, realistic and honest communication is of absolute paramount concern to ETP. No partner will ever have to worry about getting the wool pulled over their eyes.


  • As a member of an ETP partnership, one is sure to experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. But, at the end of the day, what is not fleeting are the relationships that are formed along the way. ETP is not a churn and burn operation. Rather, ETP is dedicated to cultivating long-term relationships, both professional and personal, between the ETP staff and it’s partners as well as amongst the partners themselves. The way partners and staff are treated and the experience-driven journey creates a team and familial camaraderie which will transcend the material benefits achieved by ETP and it’s partners.

Customer Service:

  • ETP combines an expertise in customer care, which blends a human touch along with state-of-the-art technology, to provide ETP partners with the opportunity to fully experience all the thrilling and gratifying benefits and experiences that go hand-in-hand with owning racehorses.


  • ETP has a vision to incorporate an overall experience for it’s partners that goes way beyond horse racing. While horse racing will serve as the foundation to open the window of opportunity for other life experiences, ETP devotes itself to providing service capable of enhancing each partner’s ownership experience to the max. With a concierge service accessible to all partners, each partner is free to make what he/she wants of the ETP experience by way of supplementation of other lifestyle adventures. Whether it’s a round of golf prior to first post, a romantic dinner or a fishing expedition before the sets after the last race is official, ETP encourages and facilitates the overall lifestyle that comes hand-in-hand with owning a racehorse.
  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Excellence