Becoming An Owner

Becoming an OwnerWhether you have previously been involved in thoroughbred racing as an owner, or are looking to enter horse ownership for the first time, it is important for any individual considering such a committment to take the proper steps before diving straight into the deep end. ETP fully promotes an “eyes wide open” approach to all of its prospective partners and encourages interested individuals to conduct thorough due diligence prior to taking the plunge into racehorse ownership.

ETP instructs its propsective partners that owning racehorses is a marathon, not a sprint, so dipping a toe into the shallow end and spreading risk with a partnership who provides them with an overall comfort level is always advisable.

Below are some general guidlines ETP recommends prospective partners follow during their investigation process:

Speak With an Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners’ Representative:

  • The cornerstone of a relationship with any racing syndicate is building a rapport with the organization’s leadership team and becoming educated in the process and day to day operations. Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners believes firmly that speaking directly with one of its key employees is the best starting point to learning more about the syndicate and racing experience.

Speak with Other Syndicates and Industry Insiders:

  • As an organization that believes firmly in open disclosure and transparency, Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners believes that you should speak with other leading industry syndicates, as well as industry insiders such as trainers, breeders and track operators, before deciding on any one ownership group. Horse ownership is a long-term endeavor and making sure you have all the facts as well as find the best fit for your expectations will ensure you make the best ownership decision and acheive the highest levels of success.

Ask To Speak With Partners Who Have Participated With Each Company You Contact:

  • It is always advisable to speak directly with individuals who are currently members of a company’s partnership(s), or have been in the past. Speaking to actual participants will provide you with a true glimpse of what to expect from your involvement and it will also allow you to gauge whether the type of individuals who participate through that company match your ownership goals, at any level.

Join Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners’ Distribution List:

  • Once registered as an interested partner, you will receive updates on the happenings at Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners as well as presentations on partnerships being formed. Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners will work with you to continuously provide you with thorough and up to date information as you evaluate an entry into the world of horse ownership. Coupled with speaking with the organization’s leaders, as well as industry outsiders, Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners strives to make sure you find the best ownership group to meet your racing expectations.


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